The Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District has been administering the state agricultural cost share program locally for over 30 years.  The intent of the program is to help property owners & agricultural producers implement conservation practices on their land.  The District provides both technical assistance guidance and financial support.

Recently, the District has been given the task of significantly increasing the voluntary implementation of cost share practices that promote and enhance water quality in Virginia. The District is scheduled to continue receiving unprecedented levels of cost share funds for agricultural soil and water best management practices.  The Commonwealth’s goal is to push the voluntary approach to conservation implementation by increasing funding, reimbursement rates and flexibility.

There are significant changes to the agricultural cost-share program that may be of interest to landowners in the District.  Stream exclusion practices now receive higher reimbursement rates and increased flexibility.  NEW buffer “rent” payments are paid up front for the term of the contract.  Forestry practices and cropland conversion to sod also now receive higher payments.  In addition to the increased levels of funding to the program, additional program changes are still being contemplated by the Commonwealth.

Livestock exclusion, riparian buffer plantings, cover crops and nutrient management are just a few of the many practices that the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District administers. Contact information for conservation district personnel is included for your convenience.  They are available to provide you full program details and assist you with creating any project strategies of your interest. Click here for a list of program changes and contacts.