Picture it: the first touch of spring is near. The days are warmer, the ground is thawing and local garden departments are displaying bags of fertilizer and mulch. If you’re new to having a lawn you might think that it’s time to apply fertilizer. But wait! You might not need it! How would you know? Get a soil test! A soil test will tell you the nutrients that exist in your lawn and what is lacking. The test costs just $10 plus shipping but CSWCD is offering it to landowners for free! Here are the details:

  • Form and Voucher: E-mail Stephanie DeNicola at stephanied@culpeperswcd.org for these.
  • Soil box: Pick up soil boxes at Culpeper SWCD and Cooperative Extension offices.
  • Mail the sample per instructions on voucher.
  • Results: Results are sent to both of us and the bill to CSWCD!

Funding is available on a first come, first serve basis.

To sign up, contact Stephanie DeNicola at stephanied@culpeperswcd.org or 540-825-8591 with your address and phone number.