Agricultural Programs

The District offers technical assistance to landowners/managers in our member counties on an as requested basis. These services are typically provided without charge although some exceptions exist depending on specific projects. Financial incentives (cost share) are also available to landowners/managers to address natural resource concerns and specific water quality issues.

The following links to many of the specific programs are intended as a general introduction to the menu of programs. Anyone seeking serious exploration of possible undertakings in any of the programs or how the suite of programs may be best utilized by your land or farming operation, it is recommended that you contact one of the following individuals:

For assistance with understanding program offerings and application process contact the individuals below. For a list of highlighted programs, click here.



USDA programs all counties in the Culpeper District: Rex Rexrode 540-317-7724

Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices

Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund

Winter Feeding Transformation (University of Kentucky)

USDA-NRCS EQIP Program (includes stream exclusion fencing and hoop houses)
USDA-FSA CRP Program (riparian buffer program)
DCR CREP riparian buffer program
Quail Habitat Program
USDA-NRCS Wetland Reserve Program
Ag Cost Share in the TMDL watersheds