Stream Monitoring


The Culpeper SWCD (consisting of Culpeper, Greene, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock Counties) and John Marshall SWCD (Fauquier County), in cooperation with the Rappahannock Conservation Council, have established a network of volunteers to conduct chemical and biological monitoring of streamsĀ  in the Upper Rappahannock River Basin. Volunteers are trained and certified to conduct monitoring that meets the requirements of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

If you would like more information about the stream monitoring program, or think you might be interested in becoming a volunteer monitor, contact the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District, at (540) 825-8591, or by email at

** Please contact Stephanie DeNicola for data on individual stations.

Upper Rappahannock Monitoring Stations

C-1: Crooked Run at Route 15

C-2: Cedar Run at Route 522

C-5: Hazel River at Route 644

C-12: Rappahannock River at Route 621

C-13: Robinson River at Route 614

C-14: Rapidan River at Route 610

C-15: Mountain Run at Route 633

C-16: Mountain Run at West Spring Street

C-17: Mountain Run at Croftburn Farm Road

C-18: Thornton River at Route 628

F-1: Carter’s Run at Route 681

F-3: Great Run at Route 802

F-4: Fiery Run at Route 635

F-5: Rappahannock River at Route 211 West

F-6: Rappahannock River at Route 2608

F-10: Great Run at Black Snake Lake

F-12: Marsh Run at Route 668

F-14: Thumb Run at Route 770

F-15: Deep Run at Route 15

G-4: South River at Route 619

G-5: Conway River at Route 230

G-6: White Run at Route 609

M-3: Rapidan River at Route 662

M-4: Beautiful Run at Route 620

M-5: Great Run at Route 15

M-6: Deep Run at Route 603

M-9: White Oak Run at Route 638

M-11: Rose River at Route 670

M-12: Robinson River at Route 670

M-14: Popham River at Route 603

M-16: Rapidan River at Route 671

O-1: Blue Run at Route 20

O-2: Mine Run at Route 611

O-3: Mountain Run at Route 611

O-5: Laurel Run at Route 635

R-2: Hughes River at Route 644

R-3: Rush River at Routes 211/522

R-5: South Fork Thornton River at confluence with North Fork

R-6: North Fork Thornton River at Route 612

R-7: North Fork Thornton River at confluence with South Fork

R-8: Piney River at Route 612

R-9: Covington River at Route 621

R-12: Battle Run at Route 729

R-13: Thornton River at Route 626

R-17: Jordan River at Route 637