Residential Cost Share Program

Cost share for Septic System Maintenance Now Open to ENTIRE Culpeper District

Thanks to a grant from the Water Quality Improvement Fund, cost share for septic system maintenance is now available to all addresses in the Culpeper District’s five counties. Click here for a brochure that includes the staff to contact.

Focused outreach continues for septic system maintenance in impaired watersheds that have a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Plan. Cost share is 50% of approved costs including pump out, repairs, replacements and new systems or drainfields. These watersheds include:

  • Upper Hazel River watershed (most of Rappahannock as well as parts of Culpeper and Madison): Click here for a brochure.
  • Upper York River watershed (parts of Orange): Click here for a brochure.
  • Robinson River watershed (parts of Madison and Culpeper): click here for a brochure.
  • Rapidan River watershed (parts of Culpeper, Greene, Madison and Orange): click here for a brochure

For more information, contact:

Culpeper & Rappahannock Counties: Amanda McCullen 540-825-8591 or or Kendall Dellinger

Greene, Madison & Orange Counties: Henny Calloway at 540-948-7531 or


EPA Septic Smart:

Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP)

Do you have a drainage issue in your yard? Would your garden benefit from a rain cistern? Would you like to minimize the amount of turf you mow? We have a program for you! VCAP offers approximately 50% cost share to convert mowed turf to native plants, install rain cisterns that are 250+ gallons, install rain gardens to address drainage issues and more! For more information, visit: If you are in the Culpeper District’s 5 counties contact Richard Jacobs at 540-825-8591 or For a copy of the VCAP manual, click here.