Residential Cost Share Program

Free Soil Testing for Lawns!

The Culpeper Soil & Water Conservation District is offering a limited number of free soil tests of lawns through 2021 while funding is available. Find out if/when you should use fertilizer or lime and what grass types would work best with your soil. For more info contact Stephanie DeNicola at  Click here for an article about the importance of soil tests for your lawn.

Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP)

Do you have a drainage issue in your yard? Would your garden benefit from a rain cistern? Would you like to minimize the amount of turf you mow? We have a program for you! VCAP offers approximately 50% cost share to convert mowed turf to native plants, install rain cisterns that are 250+ gallons, install rain gardens to address drainage issues and more! For more information, visit: If you are in the Culpeper District’s 5 counties contact Richard Jacobs at 540-825-8591 or Click here for a fact sheet.

Cost share for Septic System Maintenance

Focused outreach continues for septic system maintenance in impaired watersheds that have a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Plan. Cost share is 50% of approved costs including pump out, repairs, replacements and new systems or drainfields. These watersheds include:

  • Upper Hazel River watershed (most of Rappahannock as well as parts of Culpeper and Madison)
  • Upper York River watershed (parts of Orange)
  • Robinson River watershed (parts of Madison and Culpeper)
  • Rapidan River watershed (parts of Culpeper, Greene, Madison and Orange)

For more information, contact:

Henny Calloway at 540-948-7531 or


EPA Septic Smart:

Upper Hazel Display: click  here for a display with detailed information about the Upper Hazel Watershed