Quail Action Plan

Through a partnership with Culpeper SWCD, Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries, Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, financial assistance is available to bring the Northern Bobwhite Quail back to Virginia.

Bobwhite quail numbers have seriously declined across Virginia, as a result a team of biologists and other scientists created the Virginia Quail Action Plan (VQAP). The VQAP was developed to guide activities with regards to quail restoration efforts. The following are the goals of the Virginia Quail Action Plan:

  1. Generate new funding mechanisms to support quail restoration.
  2. Educate the public on the status of quail and other early succession wildlife species.
  3. Improve quail populations in their primary range in Virginia.
  4. Establish quail and early succession wildlife focus areas.
  5. Increase Statewide recreation related to quail.
  6. Provide quail management demonstration areas.

Some Causes of Bobwhite Quail Population Decline:

  • Habitat loss and degradation

  • Fescue and cool season grass dominated landscapes

  • Mowing of suitable habitat


Justin Folks at 540-248-6218 ext. 108 or by email at Justin.Folks@va.usda.gov